About Us

Wrapping In Real Life is a podcast. A podcast with friends who talk about woven wraps, babywearing, parenthood, and all the associated challenges! Listen in!

The majority of the WIRL episodes were recorded before the new awareness was brought into the babywearing community so there is a possibility we use ableist language or other triggering terms. We have been making an effort to educate ourselves and change our language. We recognize we are privileged and speak from a place of privilege. We still aim to be inclusive of all caregivers and welcome everyone’s opinions on wrapping with woven wraps.

Hi! How are you?

We’re just some moms who love babywearing and want to share it with the world.

Chris Blaisdell

Chris Blaisdell

I am a semi-crunchy mama, scrum master, zoo keeper, babywearer, dog rescuer, project manager, fitness enthusiast, reader, baker, scuba diver, and gentleman trainer. I live on a lake in Minnesota with my gentlemen-in-training and rescued dogs. My one and only wrappee is already 19 months old! I didn’t learn of babywearing until the youngest was born and my saint of a cousin loaned me an ergo! Wearing the baby in an ergo allowed me to feed the older boys (and dogs) and keep up with my busy life. By the time the little was 8 months old, the ergo was no longer comfortable and dangerous as the baby could now grab kitchen utensils when worn on front. My local BWI chapter helped me level up my wearing game as I learned to use mei tais and woven wraps. My first wrap purchase was an Oscha Kasumi. From there I found the wrap rabbit hole was lined with a slip ‘n slide – the past year has been a wild ride!


Rachel Place

I love Babywearing, let’s just state the obvious. Woven wraps are my preference, but I appreciate and have used many types of carriers. I help admin my local babywearing group and try my best to spread the good word of wearing all the babies throughout our small community.

I live in north Louisiana with my LEO husband, daughter, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and one slightly eccentric miniature horse named Zacc. I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist by trade, but a gardener, foodie, runner, yogi, and Jesus lover by choice.

Thankfully, even though my first wrappee is pushing 2, I am due with our second in November! So let the babywearing continue!

Lucy Hutcheson

Originally from the US Territory of Guam and now living in Texas, I am a wife to a Panamanian husband and mommy to 3 awesome kids (a 17 year-old daughter, 7 year-old son, and my last 20 month-old baby boy). As for babywearing, I wore my 2nd son in a ring sling and Evenflo carrier just a few times in 2009. My last baby is the only one that I have worn exclusively and pretty much every day. We started out with a Moby wrap and then tried my first woven wrap, Natibaby If You Mustache when he was 10 months old. We were hooked! Oh, if only I could go back and tell my younger self that I need to babywear as soon as possible!

Babywearing has totally allowed me to successfully work from home as full time web designer and still feel like I can be a mom at the same time. With 3 kids and 3 dogs, babywearing has been a lifesaver. If he lets me, I would totally wear him as long as possible. I just love it so much!